Should you post the same message in multiple Slack channels?

Slack’s flexibility is both a blessing and a curse. That is, there’s no one right way to use it — a point that I make in Slack For Dummies. (#shamelessplug)

I’m a member of plenty of Slack workspaces, and I observe subtle differences among them. What flies in one workspace doesn’t fly in another.

The other day in my Carnegie Mellon alumni workspace, someone posted the same message in three different channels. That meant all people belonging to those channels received three different notifications.

Seems excessive.

Channeling my inner Larry David, I called the guy out on it. He didn’t share my belief that cross-posting in channels was a faux pas. Since I’m a data guy, I decided to create a poll in the Slack Champions Network workspace and see whether others agreed with me.

Image for post
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It turns out that I was in the minority. Only two in five respondents called cross-posting bad form.

Still, can you imagine getting emails from three different distribution lists on the same topic? How many of you would unsubscribe to all three? I suspect quite a few.

Simon Says: There are few absolutes in Slackland.

Informal norms permeate real-world interactions. The same holds true with Slack and other internal collaboration hubs.


What say you?

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