Advice to Startups: Stop Using the Word ‘Platform’

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To be sure, the word platform has become de rigueur in the business lexicon. I’m actually surprised when I hear startup founders describe their companies and not use the term.

While fashionable, for a long time now being a “platform” has ceased to become a differentiator. In fact, it often invites more indifference and confusion than real understanding — precisely the opposite effect that founders desire.

For instance, at a recent conference I attended, I met a woman and our conversation went like this:

Me: Hi. I’m Phil. Nice to meet you. What do you do?

Woman: I started [Company X]. We are a gift-experience platform.

Me: What does that mean?

I’d hazard to guess that no one wants to hear those four words after explaining his or her company, job, book, movie, etc.

Was this an isolated event? Nope. Later that evening, another person confused me for five minutes with a convoluted description of her company. Something about apps, platforms, and the elderly. I wasn’t really sure.

A Simple Solution

The founder of the “gift-experience platform” and I wound up having a nice conversation. She was receptive to my honest feedback. I suggested that she should try to ask questions upon meeting people, not drop ostensibly sophisticated terms like platform. Conversations would then go like this:

Person: Hi. I’m [insert name]. Nice to meet you. What do you do?

Woman: Have you ever wanted to give a friend a cool experience such as having dinner with his favorite rock star or athlete?

Person: Yes, I have.

Woman: That’s what [Company X] does.

Person: Cool. Tell me more.

Simon Says

Fight the urge to use jargon. Simplicity and questions are beautiful things, especially when you’re trying to get people to, you know, understand you.

Keynote speaker, trainer, advisor, recovering college professor, and award-winning author of ten books. Latest: Slack For Dummies and Zoom For Dummies.

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